Guatemala 2016: Day 1


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Our departure to Guatemala began with a 0615 flight to Miami and we arrived at noon local time (two hours behind NC). The afternoon was spent coordinating lodging, instruction logistics, and picking up a few supplies from the local markets.

We arrived mostly complete, still missing one member that will be arriving tomorrow.  The team this year consists of:

  • David Pease – REDS
  • Luke Steele – REDS
  • Gary Allcox – REDS
  • Chad Autry – Fayetteville FD
  • Bobby Boening – Morrisville FD
  • Victor Gonzalez-Martinez – REDS
  • Jason Jordan – REDS
  • Derick Reinhart – Waldwick FD
  • Rick Souza – REDS
  • Kirsten Steele – REDS
  • Nicole Steele – Logistics / Media
  • Cory Strange – Rocky Mount
  • David Thompson – Wilson FD
  • Chuck Webb – REDS
  • John Winstead – Nash County

We’re missing Gary Thomas, who was sidelined with a recent injury – Gary, thinking of you, wishing you were here, get better soon!  Looking forward to the arrival of Bobby Boening today, at that point our team will be complete.

REDS is partnering with AmedicaUSA on this trip.  Our old friend Silvana Ayuso is here doing her magic as always, and we have been joined by Neale Brown of AmedicaUSA, who is the organization’s president. He will also be assisting with instruction, using his 35 years in Fire & Rescue.

New members on this trip are Victor Gonzalez-Martinez, Rick Souza, Bobby Boening, and Nicole Steele.  We look forward to incorporating them into the great experience that every trip to Guatemala has provided us.

Today was spent getting settled in and organizing the stations that will be starting on Monday.  We will have approximately 100 professionals in 6 different stations, everything from fire techniques and RIT to rescue rigging and packaging.

Many thanks already to:

  • Major Saenz, UHR – Our liason to Rescate de Guatemala, a friendly and professional soldier.
  • Captain Reyes, UHR – Our local contact.
  • Neale, Silvana, and AmedicaUSA for the contacts and support.