Guatemala 2013: Day 6

Thursday, August 16, 2013

Once again, training today impressed all of the instructors. Everyone who has come on this trip has been so pleased with the work ethic and incredible attitude of the people here in Guatemala. They make do with so much less; one of the firefighter companies even uses a bucket brigade because they do not own a fire truck. Today was the last day of official training, although a few groups of the rescate will receive extra training tomorrow to replace training they were unable to complete due to unforeseen conflicts. The firefighters will also train for a few hours tomorrow.

We were able to go to an extremely nice part of town tonight, visiting a commercial center with apartments, shops and incredibly delicious restaurants. The Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel took us to a wonderful restaurant and we could not stop thanking them for the help they have given our team. We look forward to the closing ceremony tomorrow, although we will miss our firefighter and rescate friends!