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  • Day 1 - Guatemala 2010
NC Stabilization University 2013 with Res-Q-Jack

On Saturday, June 1st we held a Stabilization University at Goldston Fire Department. There were 85 students representing over 30 departments, including Virginia and South Carolina. The class was sponsored by Res-Q-Jack and Emergency Apparatus, and hosted by Goldston Fire. The Fire Department did a great job with our set up and furnishing a fantastic meal. Thanks also to our Reds Team Instructors; Luke Steele, Stuart Ferrell, Victor Gonzalez-Martinez, Jason Jordan and Joe Werner, they did a superb job. The training was a one-day, hands on class, on the proper use of the Res-Q-Jacks in stabilizing and lifting. In the morning the students got a short lecture on proper placement and usage, then to the field for practicing 4 basic techniques: Wheel Resting Side Lift, Wheel Resting Rear Lift, Side Resting Front Lift, and a Roof Resting Rear Lift. After lunch they handled a parallel over-ride, utilizing only 2 jacks, a dumpster on vehicle, again using only 2 jacks, a T-bone over-ride with 2 jacks, and a pole/steel beam on roof. All the scenarios were still basic, but challenging. Everyone enjoyed the class even though the weather was a bit warm. If interested, we can bring this class to your department. A maximum of 30 students. You will need 6 to 9 vehicles, and a way to move and set them up. A classroom for 30 students ready to learn and enjoy the class. Contact us for more information.


High Lines 03/11/2012

March Reds Training concluded with a high line exercise over Crabtree Creek.

Feb Ropes

Team Training for February - spent Sunday at the training tower, rappelling, anchors, lowers, etc. Derick demoed a tree-based descent & ascent system, and we lowered live victims....

SRT Rope

SRT Rope Training 2012 with Wake County Sheriff SRT Team.