Corey, Lila

Position: Team member

Favorite Regimen: Equine

Lila joined REDS in 2010.  She  teaches horseback riding and is a  retired Equine judge.  Over the past 3-4 years, she has been working on a certification for our equines and their partners to qualify for the REDS Equine team.

Her specialty is the Equine team, with over 30 years experience with horses in many areas, western, english, rodeos, horse shows,  and natural horsemanship training.  My equine partner is Generator’s Engergizer, aka “Acid”, a 23 yr. old Tennessee Walking Horse.  He has been on several searches,  has worked rodeos, carried flags for opening ceremonies for rodeos, shows, parades, used for lessons and exhibited in horse shows, as well as representing the team at Public Safety Days, and camps for Wake County Sheriff’s Dept.  Acid has proven himself as a steady mount, even with helicopters landing around him.  He has been Lila’s equine partner for over 21years.

Lila also has 2 back-up horses that have been trained and gone through the certification test, Devil’s Rockin Again, aka “Rock” , a 19 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, and Double Style Shaker, aka “Shaker”, a 13 year old Tennessee Walker/Spotted Saddle Horse.  Rock has been used on previous searches, Shaker is awaiting his turn to prove himself.

Lila is married to Marc Blackman and has 2 children, Corey and Kent Waters.

Courses completed :

  • ICS 100
  • SAR TREK 2011
  • MLSO
  • Boat Ops
  • TR Victim Management
  • ManTracking
  • TR Rescue Rigging
  • TR Helicoper Transport