Luke Steele

Position: Captain, Technical Rescue

Luke has been in Fire and Rescue since 1982. As the Technical Rescue Captain for REDS, Luke is responsible for the safety and security of technical systems and response. In addition, Luke has extensive boating and inland lake experience. His qualifications include:




  • NC Rescue Technician Instructor
  • NC Ropes Technician Instructor
  • NC Structural Collapse Instructor
  • NC Wilderness Instructor
  • NC Firefighter Instructor
  • NC EMT
  • Firefighter II
  • SAR Tech II
  • NC Swiftwater Rescue Technician
  • Emergency Vehicle Driver
  • Hazmat Operations
  • FEMA Structural Collapse
  • 2004 Higgins & Langley Award
  • 2004 NC Rescue of the Year
  • “Ambassador of Peace” Honor for service to the Country of Guatemala, 2010