March training focused on two things REDS does very well – Water and Ropes.

Saturday morning was spent in the pool with Victor as lead.  Major topics:

  • Swimming with and without vests
  • Victim tows
  • Victim stabilization and removal from water
  • Combative victims

Saturday afternoon was spent checking out some nice equipment –  the TerrAdaptor and the CMC MPD. Expensive devices, but very capable and versatile.

Sunday was knots, basket rigging, anchors, and high line systems.  Sunday afternoon was spent on an exercise involving a hike followed by a river crossing and a high-line system.  A successful victim retrieval via a 100+ feet high line system was performed.

We also trained with one of the horses trained by team member Lila Corey.  Her horse “Acid” packed ropes and equipment out to the training site, and helped haul the “victim”back to the Command Post.

Check out the pictures in the Gallery!