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As of today, twelve(12)  firefighters have died in the line if duty in the United States. Five of those deaths were vehicle accidents! The last death is an 18 (18!) year-old firefighter in Indiana, who was killed with his rig rolled on the way back to the station.  He had on a seat belt, but […]… Continue Reading

Remember when you got passed over for promotion because your co-worker’s dad happened to be an old buddy of the Chief?  Even though your training, experience, and expertise were superior in every respect, you still lost out: bet you still get mad when you think about it.  If you were bold enough to question the […]… Continue Reading

Just like every TR worth knowing, I love gadgets: there are few things more fun than flipping open a state-of-the-art rigging pack and seeing all of the neat stuff inside.  New devices, new hardware, all kinds of gee-whiz doodads guaranteed to make even the most jaded rescuer salivate. However, picking up one of these packs […]… Continue Reading

Sundays training went well at the WSO tower, thanks to WSO for allowing us to use their facility. We will be at the pool on Saturday of next month’s training for some basic inwater training and skills. The Confined Space Simulator is almost complete. There is a little wiring left to be done and complete the camera […]… Continue Reading

Early Monday morning a young man died for no good reason.  His name was Zachary Whitacre – he was 21 and had been in the fire service for less than a year, and died in a single-vehicle accident when the driver lost control of a tanker on “the icy road surface” and slid into an […]… Continue Reading

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February Training for REDS – Ropes, both at the training tower and at the station.  Practiced a variety of techniques for rappelling and victim management.  Check out the pics in the Training Gallery!… Continue Reading

Training this weekend, Equipment and ropes. Meeting at Patriot station at 0830hr. Hope to have use of the WSO rappel tower on Sunday. Will be doing pictures as well. Hope to see you there.  Your Chief……… Continue Reading

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Welcome to  the new REDS Team site.  The changes we have made will allow us to offer a wider range of content on a more timely basis.  The blog area will be used for team updates and discussion about the best techniques for Technical Rescue.   REDS offers a wealth of Instructional talent – we […]… Continue Reading