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Like most TR Instructors I know, I’ve fielded my share of questions from people who either have (or are working toward) TR certification about the new standard – NFPA 1006 2013 edition.  Some questions are simple confusion, but others are so far off base that you have to wonder who is spreading this layer of […]… Continue Reading

Confined Space Training – 4/14/2013 Sunday was scenario-based training in a live environment – Simulators and carefully scripted evolutions are all fine and good, but it’s hard to beat the value of a real problem in a real environment. This was an old hand-dug well 25 feet deep.  “Old” is the key word here, since […]… Continue Reading

There is an old adage “If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail”.  In rescue, we often fall into the trap of thinking we only have one or two tools, and as a result the options we have for solving a specific problem are consciously limited.  Fact is, you […]… Continue Reading

March training focused on two things REDS does very well – Water and Ropes. Saturday morning was spent in the pool with Victor as lead.  Major topics: Swimming with and without vests Victim tows Victim stabilization and removal from water Combative victims Saturday afternoon was spent checking out some nice equipment –  the TerrAdaptor and […]… Continue Reading

Just like every TR worth knowing, I love gadgets: there are few things more fun than flipping open a state-of-the-art rigging pack and seeing all of the neat stuff inside.  New devices, new hardware, all kinds of gee-whiz doodads guaranteed to make even the most jaded rescuer salivate. However, picking up one of these packs […]… Continue Reading

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February Training for REDS – Ropes, both at the training tower and at the station.  Practiced a variety of techniques for rappelling and victim management.  Check out the pics in the Training Gallery!… Continue Reading