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In 30 years of fire and rescue, I’ve met a lot of Instructors.  Some were inspiring, some were depressing, and some were… just… there. In the depressing classes, it was obvious early on that the Instructor didn’t understand the material, didn’t really care about the subject, and / or seemed to have few concerns about […]… Continue Reading

Like most TR Instructors I know, I’ve fielded my share of questions from people who either have (or are working toward) TR certification about the new standard – NFPA 1006 2013 edition.  Some questions are simple confusion, but others are so far off base that you have to wonder who is spreading this layer of […]… Continue Reading

Two Line-of-duty death reports came across my desk today – although not a surprise, they were painful, especially since we’re getting oh-so-close to Christmas.  Each of them is a tragedy, but when put together it’s more than a double – it’s a resounding condemnation of the way we do business. Timothy Jansen was 45 years […]… Continue Reading

Although I realize that nearly everyone who works in fire and rescue can provide compelling evidence that dummies actually do breathe, for the sake of this article we’re talking about non-breathing human likenesses, usually made of plastic. Specifically, training dummies, more specifically the advantages and disadvantages of using dummies in place of live victims for […]… Continue Reading

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Welcome to  the new REDS Team site.  The changes we have made will allow us to offer a wider range of content on a more timely basis.  The blog area will be used for team updates and discussion about the best techniques for Technical Rescue.   REDS offers a wealth of Instructional talent – we […]… Continue Reading