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Like most TR Instructors I know, I’ve fielded my share of questions from people who either have (or are working toward) TR certification about the new standard – NFPA 1006 2013 edition.  Some questions are simple confusion, but others are so far off base that you have to wonder who is spreading this layer of […]… Continue Reading

TR Water Rescue class on August 24th (6-10p) 25th, 26th, & Sept. 15th & 16th in Robeson County. This is the NC certification class and we do have slots available. You will need to be TR General certified or have your General cerification within 1 year of completing the class. Email David @ or […]… Continue Reading

Although I realize that nearly everyone who works in fire and rescue can provide compelling evidence that dummies actually do breathe, for the sake of this article we’re talking about non-breathing human likenesses, usually made of plastic. Specifically, training dummies, more specifically the advantages and disadvantages of using dummies in place of live victims for […]… Continue Reading

March training focused on two things REDS does very well – Water and Ropes. Saturday morning was spent in the pool with Victor as lead.  Major topics: Swimming with and without vests Victim tows Victim stabilization and removal from water Combative victims Saturday afternoon was spent checking out some nice equipment –  the TerrAdaptor and […]… Continue Reading

Sundays training went well at the WSO tower, thanks to WSO for allowing us to use their facility. We will be at the pool on Saturday of next month’s training for some basic inwater training and skills. The Confined Space Simulator is almost complete. There is a little wiring left to be done and complete the camera […]… Continue Reading

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February Training for REDS – Ropes, both at the training tower and at the station.  Practiced a variety of techniques for rappelling and victim management.  Check out the pics in the Training Gallery!… Continue Reading

Training this weekend, Equipment and ropes. Meeting at Patriot station at 0830hr. Hope to have use of the WSO rappel tower on Sunday. Will be doing pictures as well. Hope to see you there.  Your Chief……… Continue Reading