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Welcome to  the new REDS Team site.  The changes we have made will allow us to offer a wider range of content on a more timely basis.  The blog area will be used for team updates and discussion about the best techniques for Technical Rescue.   REDS offers a wealth of Instructional talent – we have certified and qualified instructors in almost every program offered by the NC Department of Insurance,

We hope that you will join the discussion, especially if you disagree with it.  When we train, we often discuss (a nicer word than argue) the best way to address specific problems.  We consider this a good thing – technique that passes muster with other experienced people typically results in safer, more professional, and faster rescue in the field.

There’s still a lot to be done on the site – bear with us while we try to make it a fun place to visit as well as a a good source for information about how to be the best TRT that you can be.  Thanks!

Luke Steele – Captain, REDS